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Expansive Extra-Curricular Involvement

I have a large number of 'extra-curricular' involvements outside of my study. These range from Robotics to founding and coordinating competitions and events throughout my local community.

Academic Excellence

I always do the best that I am capable off. I have found however, that trying your best often coincide with success. In my academics, this translates to stellar results and recognition in academic pursuits.

NCEA Level 2 (Excellence Endorsed) 100%
NCEA Level 3 (Excellence Endorsed) 100%
First Year University

Leadership and Community Service

I have had the honour of working with many groups and services in a leadership capacity, specifically through service to my local community. This has allowed me to build and develop relevant skills in working closing with people to achieve a common goal.


[John] is a natural leader and capable of developing and sustaining a character on stage through the application of drama techniques appropriate to the role.
Kate Tutavaha
Teacher and Dean
John has shown that he is a very competent Digital Technologies student and displayed some very advanced skills in both the programming and website design topics. John works very well independently and is always motivated to produce the best work he is capable of.
Alan Stern
John is a cheerful, mature student. He has made valuable contributions to class discussions and has excellent written skills.
Grace Lockett
John's excellent attitude and application have seen him achieve some pleasing results. He has a good understanding of the key concepts and has been able to apply them in a variety of situations.
James Ross
[John's] examination results are at the highest level but it has been his contribution and leadership of his trade fair group which have highlighted his development and growth this year.
Sean Kenzie
John is a self-motivated, diligent student with a strong determination to succeed. He has a positive approach to Physics and shows a good understanding of the subject matter.
Duncan Liengme



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