Aotearoa Youth Declaration (2019)

Aotearoa Youth Declaration (2019)

In 2019 I successfully applied for and attended the Aotearoa Youth Declaration. This conference, held in Auckland over the 4 days at the beginning of the first term holidays, provides an opportunity for 250 of the Rangatahi of Aotearoa to provide their opinions and provide directional suggestions for Aotearoa’s future.

I was a part of the “Technology And Innovation” ropÅ« group. We focused on addressing arising technological issues in New Zealand. Specifically we discussed: the advent of job automation, the future of and the moral safeguards we can place around Artificial Intelligence development, the security of New Zealander’s private data and preventing against “brain drain” within New Zealanders innovation market.

Over the 4 days, we also all partook in multiple workshops discussing leadership, critical analysis as well as embracing our own world perspectives!

It was an excellent experience that provided me with the tools, the know-how and the connections to go back to my community and better serve and lead. It also was an excellent opportunity to have my voice heard in a meaningful manor – and I believe that the document that entire conference produced was of outstanding manor and provided an exception and balanced vision for the future of New Zealand.

Many thanks to UNYouth for providing a registration scholarship to me for this event. It is not an experience that I will forget as I move into the future!

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