These are opportunities that have been supported or entirely paid for by scholarships via external organisations, or are monetary awards granted for excellence in achievement.

The organisations that have provided me with these opportunities are recognised in the respective posts. Thanks to all of these organisations for contributing greatly to my personal and professional development.

Aotearoa Youth Declaration (2019)

In 2019 I successfully applied for and attended the Aotearoa Youth Declaration. This conference, held in Auckland over the 4 days at the beginning of the first term holidays, provides an opportunity for 250 of the Rangatahi of Aotearoa to provide their opinions and provide directional suggestions for Aotearoa’s future.[…]

Secondary School Scholarship Examinations

In both my Year 12, and Year 13 secondary school external examinations I have attempted scholarship examinations. These examinations are the highest level of secondary school qualification available in New Zealand and indicate a high level of proficiency in a subject, equal to performance in the top 3% of the[…]

Festival For The Future (2018)

We live in a world with urgent and complex challenges that need solving. When people from diverse backgrounds and industries come together to explore the issues and share ideas, remarkable things can happen. The Festival is an action-packed weekend of inspiring speakers, future-focused panels, workshops, entertainment and more. It’s been[…]

Amau Ao: Houston Experience 2018

One of my involvements is in the Massey University “PÅ«horo STEM Academy”. This academy strives to foster and support interest in STEM within young (Year 11-13) Maori as well as support more subscription and involvement in STEM related careers in the future. One of the ways that the academy does[…]

2nd Place: Crimson Education #Snap4Change Competition (2018)

A competition that I involved myself in during the beginning of 2018 was the Crimson Education #Snap4Change competition. The entry consisted of taking a photo that exposed a social issue within our current world, then explaining what the issue is and how you would solve it on a post via[…]

Ray Gloyn Memorial Award – PNBHS Hostel Y11 Top Academic and Co-Curricular Involvement (2017)

I received this award as a Y11 of the PNBHS hostel for my academic prowess and well as my extensive co-curricular involvement outside of the classroom.

Spirit of Adventure – Voyage #760 (2018)

As part of the first stage of the Pinnacle Programme, I undertook a 10 day voyage on the Spirit of New Zealand as a notion of personal and leadership development as well as personal exploration. I had a great time and recommend the experience to anyone that is interested. Embedded[…]

Pinnacle Programme (2017-2020)

The Hyandai sponsored “Pinnacle Program” is an opportunity for 15-18 year olds to undertake 3 stages of personal development through multiple Pinnacle “Stages”. These stages include experiences on the spirit of adventure, outward bound and personalised work experience and mentoring in the chosen specialisation or career of the individual. The[…]