Palmerston North Youth Council (2017-2019)

Palmerston North Youth Council (2017-2019)

When the opportunity arrived during the semi-annual Palmerston North Youth Council recruitment round, I jumped at the opportunity to involve myself with the premiere group making positive change to youth in the Palmerston North region. The Palmerston North youth council has not only given me the opportunities I need to give back to the Palmerston North community, but it has also given me opportunities to develop my skills in teamwork and in developing creative and complex solutions within preset institutional frameworks.

In 2019 I undertook the role of Secretary of the Palmerston North Youth Council. Through this role I had responsibilities in the monitoring and management of the youth council. I was responsible for monitoring attendance, delivering minutes, agendas and yearly schedules, organising and overseeing project deadlines and organisational details and mentoring a less experienced individual to take-up the role in the future. In 2019 there is a focus throughout the Youth Council that I have spearheaded on a higher efficiency standard and a more transparent operation through the application of generalised technology.

Through the Palmerston North Youth Council I have been involved in projects including:

  • Relay For Life 2018
  • Palmerston North Games On The Grass
  • PNYC Scholarships
  • Palmerston North Annual ANZAC service

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