PNBHS OK Chorale Development Squad (2017-2019)

PNBHS OK Chorale Development Squad (2017-2019)

The schools premier singing group, the 16 member limited OK Chorale is selected and auditioned from a much larger audition group. Some 50 individuals auditioned for this group in 2017 and 2018 where 20 of the individuals were selected as a part of the “development squad”.

The development squad focuses on developing singing technique and developing singing confidence during the first half of term 1 of the next year. Afterwards, the OK Chorale is selected from the development squad.

In 2017, I auditioned for the OK Chorale Development Squad and was accepted. I undertook a grueling 4 week course as a part of this programme and greatly developed my singing ability leading to a group performance at the end of the course. I was not selected for the final group, however the experience and development I underwent put me in good stead for future success in the OK Chorale as well as within other singing and musical theater ventures.

Photo: The OK Chorale finals group at Big Sing 2017

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