S.O.A.P Choir (2015-2018)

S.O.A.P Choir (2015-2018)

I have attended each Tuesday morning session to the all-comers S.O.A.P choir for all of my years at PNBHS as it offers an opportunity for me to develop my singing through the production of many styles and singing types within a choir.

Unfortunately in 2019 I was unable to attend and partake in S.O.A.P choir due to my commitments as Deputy Head Boy of PNBHS. This was an unfortunate turn of events as I had greatly enjoyed the atmosphere and development opportunities in the past. However, it gave me opportunity to develop public speaking and organisational skills in the operation of “Prefects Assemblies”.

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  1. Hi John Cole,

    I was wondering if you have any video clips of the SOAP singing – Welcome Home?
    Can you send me a link if you do please.
    Congratulations on next year deputy head position.


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