Secondary School Scholarship Examinations

Secondary School Scholarship Examinations

In both my Year 12, and Year 13 secondary school external examinations I have attempted scholarship examinations. These examinations are the highest level of secondary school qualification available in New Zealand and indicate a high level of proficiency in a subject, equal to performance in the top 3% of the Level 3 Cohort.

In Year 12 (2018), I sat and achieved only Scholarship English. This allowed me in 2019 to provide mentoring and support to those intending to take Scholarship English in 2019, as well as teachers of the subject that don’t have a proficiency with the terminology and makeup of Scholarship English.

In Year 13 (2019) I will sit Scholarship Calculus, Scholarship Statistics, Scholarship English, Scholarship Physics, Scholarship Earth and Space Science, Scholarship History, Scholarship Geography and Scholarship Media Studies.

Photo: Presenting a scholarship workshop to the PNBHS scholarship teachers on the benefits to Year 12 accelerate students in taking scholarship examinations, as well as my personal experiences of Scholarship English in Year 12.

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