VEX Robotics (2015-2019)

VEX Robotics (2015-2019)

I am one of the long-standing and Senior-most participants in the PNBHS VEX Robotics team. This is an opportunity to take the learning in the classroom inside of STEM subjects and apply it to different ‘games’ (such as the one below) involving robots. This emphasises the development of skills critical to engineering – with specific focus on the development of innovative and creative solutions within specific and substantial design constraints.

Our colourful 2017-2018 Robot. Nicknamed 2903RGB

In my time in VEX Robotics at PNBHS, I have worked on the construction of some 8 robots, I have been a part of the team which was highest-seed ranked at the national competition, I have written code for the majority of robots involved under our school team and I have dedicated over 2000 logged hours to our robots (over 4 years).

I have also spent some time developing local curriculum for developing basic skills in our new members (Year 9’s), written substantial supporting content for the VEXForum (under the username EvolvingJon) and volunteered for multiple regional, national and international events.

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