Winner of the PNBHS Buisness Studies “Buisness Competition” (2016)

Winner of the PNBHS Buisness Studies “Buisness Competition” (2016)

As part of the Year 10 Buisness Studies Course, it is required that individuals undertake the construction of a business to develop and manufacture a product that would be sold (either indirectly, or through the school ‘trade fair’). A “Best Business” is then picked, based on the analysis of research done, company strategy and total profit

As the CEO of the company, FoodWay, I lead the company to winning this competition through the development of my vision and the propagation of successful marketing (such as the poster above) as well as food manufacturing and front of house.

Through the hard work of my company in developing the sales plan for some “damn good burgers”, we become the 2016 Business Studies Award recipients and received a trophy in recogniciation of our actions.

The PNBHS Rector, Mr Bovey takes a bite into one of our delicious $5 bacon-infused burgers.

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